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(💥SUMMER SALE-48% OFF)Vacuum Cosmetic Travel Container

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    NO MORE heavy makeup bottles in your luggage! This Vacuum Cosmetic Travel Container help you travel light completely hassle-free!


    • Premium Quality-- Made of BPA Free Polypropylene (PP), which is a light-weight plastic that is durable, flexible, and highly resistant to fatigue and heat also has a high shatter-resistance rating. TSA Approved for airplane travel, 50ml/1.7oz.
    • Airless Vacuum Dispensing-- Airless pump technology ensures you'll keep your products fresh and free from oxidation by preventing them from excessive exposure to air, thus increase product shelf life up to 15% more & NO Odour.

    • Leak Proof Seal- As long as you tighten the cap, there there will be no leakage. It doesn’t matter if the bottle lies on its side or stored upside down due to the vacuum dispensing effect.
    • Wide Usage- Great for luxury skin care product, serums and lotions, cosmetic beauty products.


    • Material: AS+PP
    • Volume: 15ml/30ml/50ml/80ml/100ml

    Package Includes:

    • 1 * Refillable Cosmetics Travel Container
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